Coronavirus Update

Given the outbreak of COVID-19, we are in unprecedented times. Under the recommendations of our government and dental society leadership, we have made the difficult, but important, decision to close Wood Orthodontics temporarily. You can be assured that this decision was not made lightly but was made to protect patients, staff and families.

We have sent out an email with tips to help in certain situations but as always, if you have an emergency, please call our office and select the emergency option to leave a message that will be returned as quickly as possible. Also, our system automatically grabs appointment information a few days in advance of appointments to send out reminders via phone, text, &/or email so if you get one confirming an appointment, please disregard and we will reschedule when possible.

Please visit our Facebook page or watch for emails for our most up to date information. We stand with you during these uncertain days and wish you good health. Hope to see you all soon! See below for the tips and answers to questions from our email.

Will this delay my treatment?

Part of successful orthodontic treatment is showing up for your appointments. If that’s not an option under these unusual circumstances, it’s okay. Don’t panic. Many offices schedule patients every 10-12 weeks as the wires that we use will continue to work much longer than our normal 6 week checkup period. It will, however, delay the changing of your colors☹. With any luck, this crisis will not last too long and will be more of a hiccup that shouldn’t have much of an impact on your overall treatment plan/timing. Given the situation, we ask for your patience and will work hard to minimize delays when we are allowed to reopen.

You can help keep treatment on track by following the directions we gave you at your most recent appointment regarding wearing of elastics, headgear, avoiding hard and sticky foods and keeping your teeth clean. Now is NOT the time to be breaking brackets or retainers and is the time to be keeping your teeth clean to ensure the best possible results.

Tips to help if any of these situations come up

  • If a bracket comes loose and is uncomfortable, you should be able to flip it back to it’s normal position and slide it in front of the tooth it was stuck to, making it comfortable again.
  • If you are turning an expander, do the recommended number of turns and stop turning after that until we are able to check progress.
  • If you are concerned that progress is going too far with wearing elastics, there is no harm in stopping them until we are able to check progress (but don’t use this as an excuse to stop if you have a big overbite still.)
  • If you break your permanent retainer loose, wear your clear retainer at night until we are able to fix it, even if the clear retainer feels tight and makes your teeth sore for a day or two. If the loose permanent retainer is uncomfortable, you can wear the clear retainer more or even try to tug the remaining portion of the permanent retainer out.
  • If you are in Invisalign and the business closures go longer than the 2-3 weeks they are expecting, you can wear each tray a little longer than normal so you don’t get to the last one and have to wear it for a long time. Or if you get to the last tray and it gets nasty, or it breaks, or gets lost, back up to the previous tray but don’t stop wearing them.
  • If you have a powerchain that breaks, it is not an emergency but if it rubs your cheek uncomfortable, feel free to carefully clip the portion rubbing your cheek with a fingernail clipper.
  • If you have a wire that begins to uncomfortably poke, you can try using wax that can be purchased at any pharmacy if you run out. If it is in a place that you could easily clip, most of our wires are small enough that a fingernail clipper would cut them if you can carefully get to the poking wire.
  • If you bump one of the bands loose (ring brace around molars on many patients), gently slip it up off the tooth and slide back off the end of the wire and keep in a ziplock bag until office hours resume. The wire will likely need to be clipped with a fingernail clipper once the band is removed. If easier, or if the loose band won’t slip up with the wire still going through it, you can clip the wire in front of the molar and then slide the band with the end piece of wire out all together.

The main people that will most likely be affected in the timing of their treatment are those who are scheduled in the coming weeks to get their braces off or on. These are both longer types of appointments and when we get the OK from the government to begin seeing patients again, we will do everything we can to get everyone taken care of as quickly as possible.

There’s a lot of uncertainty right now, but what’s one thing we know for sure? 

Your Wood Orthodontics team looks forward to seeing you back in our office soon!


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